The Temple

The Project

The Temple is a 3D Puzzle game made in Unity Engine and created by 6 people in 2 weeks. In The Temple you play as an adventurer that fell into the trap of an evil god, you have to escape by using the mysterious gauntlet that you found. The gauntlet progressively unlocks multiple elemental powers: Water/ice, Fire/Lightning and Air push/Air pull. The specific ability that you can use also depends on whether you’re standing in light or shade. These various abilities can be utilised for multiple purposes. From creating ice-blocks on water to burning down wood, the player has to use them all to make his way out of this temple.


  • Made in Unity
  • First “big” project done in Unity
  • Build in 2 weeks in the last quartile of the 1st year of University
  • Made by: 2 Modellers, 1 Designer, 3 Programmers including me
  • 6 powers to use
  • Ability to push blocks and to switch levers
  • Hidden collectibles that explain the lore
  • 9 puzzles to solve spread over 3 levels

My contribution to the project

  • Everything related to the UI next to the art
  • Volume settings
  • Most ability functions
  • Block pushing/dragging mechanics
  • Pause Menu
  • Waterwheel/door mechanics


Download Build

Main Menu

Volume Mixer

First Puzzle

Ability Pick-up (Air)



Ice Shot

Water Shot

Fire Shot


Lightning-beam (after)