Galactic Delivery

The Project

The idea behind this project was to create a game in Unity in 2 weeks that conforms to all 4 player types: Killer, Achiever, Socializer and Explorer. The game we ended up building was Galactic Delivery, a game wherein you’re supposed to deliver packages to customers… in space. You can pick up packages from nearby standing drones or or can steal packages from competitors by blowing up their delivery trucks. The main goal is to deliver all 10 packages within the given time, you can get extra point by delivering extra social (green) packages. There is also a Hard mode added that gives you less time but gives you the ability to get a higher score.


  • Made in Unity
  • Package Delivery game in space
  • Build in 2 weeks
  • Made by: 2 Modellers, 1 Designer, 1 Artist, and 1 Programmer(me)
  • 2 difficulties

My contribution to the project

  • Programmed Everything
  • Lead and only engineer
  • Compass system (top of screen)
  • RNG spawn system
  • Car jet rotations
  • Car movement


Main menu

Tutorial start

Delivery points

Destroying competitor

Social package

Pick up package

End screen