Murder in the Shadows

The Project

The goal of this project was to make a fully functional game within a minimal engine based on C++ and OpenGL which only had the ability to render models with a texture. In order to give our designers a platform to spawn objects we used lua to load levels.

In Murder in the Shadows you have to rotate distorted objects to make the shadow it casts into a coherent shape. There are several levels to explore and you get a score based on the time you took to complete the puzzle. If you’re stuck on a level for a certain amount of time you’ll get “hints” handed to you which will hint at what the shadow is supposed to resemble.


  • Made in a custom C++ engine
  • Almost all engine functions were made by ourselves
  • Build in 3 weeks in the 3rd quartile project of the 2nd year of university
  • Made by: 1 Modeller, 1 Designer, 1 Audio Designer, 1 Artist and 3 Programmers including me
  • 10 puzzles to solve
  • Levels get loaded from lua

My contribution to the project

  • Programmed the UI system
  • Build the world architecture
  • Programmed the level loading system


Main Menu

First Puzzle

Puzzle Solved



Multi-piece Level

Pause Screen

Level Select