Shatter it!

The Project

Shatter it! was created by 7 people in a span of 2 months, in request of Technical Museum Oyfo, Hengelo. The game was created in Unity Engine, the goal of the game is to destroy blocks/objects of small, medium and large sizes with matching frequencies. Throughout the levels, the games teaches you how objects can be destroyed by hitting it with a matching frequency at a high enough amplitude (which the weapon provides).

There are 3 levels to explore. The first level acts as a introduction to the frequency mechanic, the second introduces a time slowdown power-up and a pierce shot power-up and the third tests your skill by throwing all the previously learned mechanics at you with at the end a challenging boss encounter.

For every object destroyed you get an amount of points, if you destroy multiple objects in succession without hitting an object with the wrong frequency you gain a multiplier which increases the amount of points you gain per destroyed object. At the end of the stage you get rewarded with a score of 0 to 3 stars depending on the amount of points you’ve scored. For each level there is a build-in yearly and weekly leaderboard that automatically rotates.


  • Made in Unity
  • Last quartile of the 2nd year of University
  • Made by: 1 Modeller, 1 Designer, 1 Audio Designer, 1 Artist and 3 Programmers including me
  • Educational game about resonance and frequencies, aimed at children
  • Fully playable in both Dutch and English
  • Created for Oyfo, Hengelo

My contribution to the project

  • Most things related to the shooting/gun
  • Weekly/Yearly Highscore
  • Everything related to the UI
  • Objects moving along the conveyor belt
  • Time slowdown and pierce-shot
  • Rope physics