Aniball Rumble

The Project

The goal of this project was to create a 3D Indie Game within 3 weeks. We ended up with a party-brawler arena game inspired by Super Smash Bros. The game is set in a Farm themed environment where 2 to 4 animals have to try to hit each other out of the arena, this can be done by either getting shot through the gate at the top or by bashing through a fence after damaging it enough. Each player has 3 lives, you win when you’re the last one standing or the time runs out.


  • Made in Unity
  • 2-4 player Party Brawler
  • Build in 3 weeks
  • Made by: 2 Modellers, 1 Designer, 1 Audio Designer, and 3 Programmers including me
  • Farm theme
  • 3 characters to play with each 3 alternative colours
  • Low poly

My contribution to the project

  • Programmed the movement
  • Programmed gate behaviour
  • Everything related to the UI/HUD besides the art
  • Character/colour select
  • Stage select (unused due to the lack of multiple stages)
  • All the programming in the Main menu
  • Created tutorial video


Character Select

Character Select 2

Battle Countdown

Pause Menu

Opponent hit

Fences Damaged


Main menu

Tutorial screen