Dragons and Goblins

The Project

Dragons and Goblins is a 2D arcade game made by 6 people in 2 weeks. The goal of this project was to create a 2D 1v1 game, playable on an arcade machine. Our end-result is a game inspired by space invaders, but with the twist that it’s multiplayer based and special power-ups are buy-able to hinder the opposing player. The game is build in a in-house engine from Saxion, programmed in C#. The engine was extended by used to accommodate for our game.


  • Made in GXPengine (in-house University engine)
  • Programmed in C#
  • Build in 2 weeks in the second quartile of the 1st year of University
  • Made by: 3 artists, 1 Designer and 2 Programmers including me
  • 1 versus 1 battle arcade game
  • Inspired by Space Invaders
  • 4 abilities to buy

My contribution to the project

  • Everything related to the UI next to the art
  • Ability behaviour for all 4 abilities
  • Main Menu programming
  • Score/health programming


Download Source

Download Build

Title screen

Main Menu

Tutorial Screen

Game Screen

Shop Tab

Victory Screen